Adult Slide pool

Our Water parks boast an Adult Slide pool with many loops.

Mega Wave Pool

Get the experience of real waves hitting you at our Mega Wave pool using a 75hp Compressor, which is the first time in Odisha.

Kids Slide pool (Baby pool)

Not only can you but, your babies and kids also can enjoy our Kids Slide pool.

ATV Bike Rides in a proper track

We have a special track meant for ATV Bike rides.

Speed Boating Lake with lighting decoration

The thrill of high-speed boating at our lighting decorated Speed Boating Lake is the soul and life of many.

Under Water Photo & Video Shooting

We offer the best Equipment along with lifesaving guards for Under Water Photo & Video Shooting.

Family paddle Boating Lake with a Bridge setup

Families enjoy paddle boating at our Family paddle Boating lake with a Bridge setup.

Big Artificial Waterfall Pool with a Bridge

The rushing water sound at our Big Artificial Waterfall Pool with a Bridge is just therapeutic.

Kids Boating Pool

There is a special boating pool for the kids.

Snacks Counter set up in front of wave pool

Pool fun without snacks is incomplete. Thus, we have a Snacks Counter set up in front of the wave pool for you.

40ft Aquarium based AC Restaurant

You will enjoy the beauty and charm of our 40ft Aquarium-based AC Restaurant as nowhere in Odisha.Also nothing beat the culinary experience at our Big party Pool with an underwater dining setup with a mesmerizing view..

Open Garden dining setup for all types of parties

Enjoy the real taste of your food under the open sky at our Open Garden dining setup. You can also plan a party here.

Mini Conference Hall

In case, you prefer to have a small get-together or party inside four walls, our Mini-Conference Hall is open for you.

Artificial sea views Individual cottages

We also offer Artificial Individual cottages with a marvelous sea view along with Dinner, Buffet Lunch & Free Breakfast.

Rain Dance With Lighting Dancing Floor

Come on and get the pleasure of rain dancing on Lighting Dancing Floor that you have never experienced before.

Apart from the above services, we also offer private arrangements for various theme events, marriage parties, birthdays, etc.

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